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corresponding,英文单词,形容词、动词,作形容词时意为“相当的,相应的;一致的;通信的”,作动词时意为“类似(correspond的ing形式);相配”。单词发音 英[krspnd]美[krsp

All but three of the codons correspond to particular amino acids, and the order of the codons in the nucleic acid corresponds to the order of the amino acids in the protein.所有三个基码同特定的氨基酸相吻合,而基码在

There are 64 identical pieces, which are light on one side and dark on the other to correspond with the opponents in a game. In most cases a game consists of placing all of these up to a full board, but

Words of wisdom will surely open up your eyes Unity is strength why are we living so wide Division is weakness so we need not fight For we all are one we all are one So let us correspond correspond correspond my


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